About Emily

Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Journalism and is currently pursuing a master’s in Education. She is in her second year of teaching middle and high school English at a small college prep school, along with a middle school American History class.

The idea for a year without social media came from a combination of forces: an experiment in the spring of 2016 when she went three months without Instagram and six without Facebook; the vitriol that surrounded the 2016 election season; and finally, her daughter receiving her first smartphone for Christmas.

Emily is also a kickass wife & mother, an avid book nerd, and bullet journal enthusiast. She enjoys listening to live music with her husband, watching Friends and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack with her oldest daughter, and chasing after her youngest daughter (whose personality  wildly resembles that of a Sour Patch kid).

Feel free to drop in and say hello at emily@writingbyemily.com. You’re also welcome to find her on social media, but she won’t be checking back in until January 17, 2018.